16 Rare and Valuable Lincoln Memorial Pennies Every Collector Should Have

15. 1962 (P) Lincoln Memorial No Mint Mark

15. 1962 (P) Lincoln Memorial No Mint Mark

14. 1976 Lincoln Memorial Rare Copper Coin One of a Kind

13. Rare 1969 D Lincoln Penny Cent – No FG Initials- Floating Top – Error Coin

12. 1960-D Large Date Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln Cent. Ships Free. BU Condition.

11. 1964 D Lincoln Penny RARE L Liberty on edge Error. Free Shipping

10. 1966 Penny No Mint Mark Red

9. 1972 Lincoln Memorial Penny No Mint Mark

8. 1964 SMS Penny It’s A Rare One

7. 1991 D Penny - Back Room Holdings - No Match Like It. Well Groomed Coin

6. 1971 S 1c NGC PF 69 RD Ultra Cameo Lincoln Penny Top Pop Very Rare 16-0 NR

5. 1972-P Lincoln Cent! Error! Very Rare, Collectible Coin!

4. Rare Errors 1964 D Lincoln Cent L Liberty on edge   DDO DDMM & More! Wt. 3.14g

3. Rare 1969 d Lincoln Penny Cent – No FG - Floating Roof - Floating Top

2. 1992 D Close AM Lincoln Penny FS-901 RDV-007 MS60 Red Brown

1. Penny Coin Laughing Lincoln

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